Co-creating a Strategic Business Road Map


  • Many organizations do have their long term strategies.
  • LBW co-creates Strategic Business Roadmaps (SBR) for organizations.
  • SBRs are co-created with the Leadership Team
  • Basically, SBRs identify areas for execution in short term periods
  • The Implementation is set for 12 month or maximum 24 months
  • The SBR outcomes are incorporated in the Annual plans or KRAs.


  • Facilitate off-site Workshops for Leadership Team
  • Involves three parts:
  • Leadership Session

    -Knowing self
    -Leading others
    -Organization building
    -Leadership camaraderie

    Business Roadmap co-creation

    -Re-visit Long term strategy
    -Co-create SBR
    -Making choices
    -Building ownership

    Implementation plans

    -Milestones / Task forces
    -Identify Champions


  • Leadership Teams co-created Strategic Business Roadmaps and implemented it in phased timelines

Enabling Factors

  • Creating shared goals
  • Ownership & Commitment on targets
  • Project /Team Leadership
  • Rigour in implementation
( a unique LBW product , conducted in 10 organizations in diverse sectors)