The Curious Story of LBW - The Firm

Celebrating 10 years!!!

We are essentially a “growth” consulting firm, we call it “good growth”!

LBW enables good growth.

The LBW premise is that the quality of growth matters. Therefore, ‘good growth’ happens when an organization achieves its business growth in tandem with building right capabilities, systems, processes, leadership, talent, culture building and other key organization success factors that define the character of the organization.

At LBW, we provide compelling vision, strategy and quality delivery in organization development, leadership capability building, executive coaching and strategic HR that enable business growth and bring in positive energy to the economy at large.

From a fledgling entity to a trendsetting, next-generation firm, LBW is growing significantly.

“Find the purpose, means will follow…” said India’s greatest leader and we continue to be remarkably influenced by those great thoughts.

The business agenda at LBW is perhaps inimitable!

In 2007, at our inception, we had committed “we will touch a 1000 leaders by 2013“. We did it.

Come 2014, we have re-set our ambitions, “to touch 5000 leaders by 2020”.

How do we ‘touch’ leaders?! Here is what we really do. We touch diverse client organizations and their human capital in the form of our extraordinary work, notably, in the areas of organization design, enterprise performance management, leadership capabilities, learning & development, talent management models ,coaching for change, employer branding and culture building.

LBW has a presence in all the regions in India. In 2012, we lived our annual theme of “made in India, for the world” when we stepped out to serve international clients in the Middle East. We are now poised for accelerated growth and will soon expand across multi-locations in India and specific international geographies beginning with United Kingdom and South East Asia.

The LBW Resource model is unique. We have a Team of young, bright, vibrant consultants ably supported by a select panel of Principal Consultants, Subject Matter Experts and Executive Coaches with diverse backgrounds and great career stories. Our consultants’ approach can be best described as “strategic practitioners” and our methods are very original, contemporary and imaginative. We are delighted to share our nine year scoreboard with you.
(click to see Our 10-year Scoreboard and the LBW ‘Body of Work’).

In the same way that we have influenced our Clientele, we too have re-invented ourselves.

In January 2014, we had taken a game-changing decision - to become a full-fledged management consulting firm. Consequently, we have launched our initial General Management offerings in business strategy, innovation, supply chain management and in November 2014 we have made our foray into the Sales & Marketing function.

LBW will continue to stretch and serve our clients (with a smile!) to make them trendsetting “good growth” organizations.